Where to Find Best Amigos in Far Cry 6?

Far cry 6 continues the series tradition by allowing you to recruit a variety of animal accomplices that are ready to fight by your side. Missing some of the best amigos in far cry 6? Don’t worry we have got you covered. With that in mind, let’s dive right into the blog and see what it offers.

However, it is easy to play the game and find all the far cry 6 amigos that are available without going out on the hunt for them too far away.


Guapo is the heartbeat of the Amigo who has developmental and defensive abilities and that’s what makes him the best amigos in Far cry 6. 

For unlocking guapo you don’t have to go out of your way. The crocodile will be available for you as soon as you complete the Juan Of A Kind mission.

Guapo’s Abilities: 

(A) Body Regulation: Automatically develops health during combat.

(B) Beast: Guapo becomes opposing to damage when his health is reduced to 50%

(C) Metabolism: Auto-revive 90% of his health


Doesn’t everyone want chorizo in Far Cry 6? Yes, we all want him to be in the game and he is in the game finally. Chorizo’s stealth abilities make him one of the best amigos in Far Cry 6.

To unlock Chorizo, you will have to play the main game until you reach The Meet The Monterous Mission in Madrugada region.

Chorizo’s Abilities:

(A) Bloodhound: Chorizo can tag nearby resources with his powerful sense of smell.

(B) Yes, You Can: Chorizo will develop more health as you will pet him.

(C) Great Sense: Chorizo will dig up some resources from the ground for you.

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Chicharron is one of the most aggressive far cry 6 amigos. His flying ability makes him a very valuable amigo from the other far cry 6 all amigos. To unlock Chicharron, you will need to find your way till Patriotas Peak in El Este. There you will find a quest named, Man’s best enemy and that will introduce you to Chicharron.

Chicharron Abilities:

(A) Faster Rage: Attacks faster & deals with double damage when his health is below 70%

(B) Angrier Bird: Chicharron’s angry bird attacks can knock down enemies to the ground.

(C) Chicken Feet: While you’re on road rage, chicharron can dodge enemy attacks.

Boom Boom:

Boom Boom is a unique amigo and comes under the category of one of the far cry 6 all amigos. He’s a companion whose abilities revolve around tracking enemies and looting bodies.

To find Boom Boom, you will need to go to the Valle de Oro region of the map. There you will need to start the Boom or Bust mission. This mission requires you to find a container in which you will find Boom Boom.

Boom Boom Abilities:

(A) Pointer: Use Boom Boom to mark the location of enemy troops.

(B) Expert Tracker: Can tag enemies from a distance.

(C) Thick Coat: Boom Boom’s max health is increased.

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Oluso is an amazing amigo that has combined abilities which is the best of stealth in combat. Oluso is incredibly powerful and pretty much useful in every mission you take. To unlock oluso, go to the oulwa cave on Isla Santuario and read the note that you have found on the floor. 

Now you will need to find three treasures that have just been added to your map. The treasures can be little to unlock but since their prime locations are pinned to your map you should get them easily. 

Oluso Abilities:

(A) Mimo Abosi’s Luck: Oluso has a great chance to succeed at stealthy takedowns.

(B) Mist of Oku: Oluso is surrounded by smoke when his health is below 50%.

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K-9000 is an extremely powerful amigo who has a metallic exterior that makes him immune to any kind of damage. Unfortunately, you can only unlock K-9000 if you have purchased Blood Dragon Set DLC for Far Cry 6. If you did, you will find K-9000 after reaching Libertad Island.

K-9000 Abilities:

(A) Enhance: Have the ability to tag turrets, security cameras, tripwires, and alarms.

(B) Termination Protocol: K-9000 explodes when it is on death or dealing with AoE damage.


So, you must be thinking who is the best amigo in Far Cry 6? Well technically, it will be safe to say that every amigo has its powers and abilities and each one of the amigos seems to be more powerful than the other.

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