Top 10 Nintendo Franchises Ranked Worst to Best

This is all our opinion and if any of your favorite Nintendo Franchise is lower ranked. We humbly apologize. Those were just the ones that we didn’t like as much. And for the top 10 Nintendo Franchises, we chose the 10 best-selling Nintendo Franchises. Since it will just be easier to choose from. The list of the Nintendo Franchises is:

10. Game and watch: 43.4 million dollars

9. Kirby: 41.28 million dollars

8. Nintendogs→ 28.6 million dollars

7. Super Smash Bros. → 66.95 million dollars

6. Animal Crossing→ 70.33 million dollars

5. Donkey Kong→ 82.88 million dollars

4. The Legend of Zelda→ 133.37 million dollars

3. Wii series→ 204.73 million dollars

2. Pokémon→ 380 million dollars

1. Mario: 763.45 million dollars

Now, let’s get on with the top 10 Nintendo Franchises

Game and Watch:

Game and Watch

The main reason why Game and Watch made so much was because of its major premise of being a Mario game. It also includes the lost levels of Super Mario. 

These levels were deleted because several ended up destroying their consoles because of how infuriating the levels were. But even after that they released the game and watched with those levels.



Kirby is the fourth most recognizable character of Nintendo. And we can’t disagree Kirby is super cute and the fact that even guys find it appealing is a feat. The reason why it’s only Number 8 on the list of Nintendo Franchises is that it’s just too cute for some audience.



This is a very adorable game. So, Nintendogs was one of the first pet simulators created by Nintendo. But few people are into simulator-type games. So, we can’t put it any higher than Number 8 on this list.

Super Smash Bros.:

Super Smash Bros

It was really difficult to choose if Kirby should be on this spot or not. But in the end, Kirby on its own was not appealing enough. So, that’s why one of its games is higher than its main games. Super Smash Bros. is a very famous game. And might be our second favorite Nintendo Franchise.

The reason it’s Number 7 on this list of Nintendo Franchises is that it didn’t make as much money. This is also including the best-selling Nintendo Franchise as well.

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Animal Crossing: 

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is one of the most famous games. And the fact that it only made 70 million dollars, is quite astonishing. Animal Crossing, for those of you who don’t know, is a simulator-type video game, in which you catch bugs, fish, and do other stuff.

Donkey Kong:

donkey kong

The love for Mario for people started with this game. Donkey Kong was released in 1991 as one of the first Nintendo games. Back then, Nintendo started as an arcade game. Which later shifted consoles. And back then, Mario was not called by his name. His name was Jumpman.

The Legend of Zelda:

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda was released in 1986. Fun fact, people thought that Legend of Zelda was a story-based game from the beginning but it started as a small PVP game like Mario.

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The Wii series:

The Wii series game

Fun fact, People think that the original Super Mario made the most money but it was the Wii Sports that made the most money. Aside from Wii Sports, there are Pokemon Battle revolutions and several others that broke the market.



Pokemon’s Pikachu has to be the second most recognizable character made by Nintendo. Even if you don’t know about Pokémon, you will know about Pikachu. And for the Pokemon fans, neither Bulbasaur nor Pikachu were the first Pokemon created, it was Rhydon that was the first Pokemon ever created. And it might be our favorite Nintendo Franchise we have talked about so far.

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mario game

And here we are, to the mascot of Nintendo Mario. If you add up the revenue made by Pokémon, the Wii series, the legend of Zelda, and Animal crossing it is still nowhere as high as the revenue made by Mario which is astounding. Donkey Kong came before Mario and Mario has blown it away by a light year.


In conclusion, Mario is the best Nintendo Franchise released up until now. But who knows, maybe in a few years. They might release a game that ends up beating Mario.

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