Actionable Naraka Bladepoint Tips & Tricks That Works

Naraka game is full of fun and action. Here is the list of beginner tips for Naraka Bladepoint.

Naraka Bladepoint is an action-adventure battle royale genre game by 24 Entertainment. Rather than the typical gunfights the game focus on melee combat. It means that you have to struggle in early sessions because it’s not easy to aim and shoot.

The game offers rewarding melee combat that involves weapons such as spears and swords. Though the combat is a bit difficult for beginners. Explore more in the game as the Naraka: Bladepoint takes its entire aesthetic inspiration from Japanese culture. Up to 60 players can play this game.

You can also go for live streaming. Check out live streaming of the game directly from here Naraka Bladepoint Twitch

Do you want to play Naraka Bladepoint? Do you want some help getting started with Naraka Bladepoint? Are you looking for some essential Naraka bladepoint tips for playing & winning the game?

In this Naraka Bladepoint guide, we are covering every important aspect of the game.

Along with using a variety of techniques, there are other important points like item management, selecting the right character, charge blade tips, Morus Blessing, and much more.

Items To Be Consumed

Items to be Consumed
Items to be Consumed

Heal yourself from the injuries of a previous battle can be done by bushes nearby that have fruits or berries growing on them. You can also store consumables for later or you can use them if player health is low. Bugs and flowers can be used for a range of effects.

  • Prickly Pear:  Recover health  slowly at set intervals over sixty seconds
  • Dandelion:  Silence your footsteps for sixty seconds
  • Fireflies: Slowly gain Rage to charge up your ultimate for sixty seconds, helping the player to use its full ability.
  • Salak: Slowly recover armor at set intervals over sixty seconds

Manage Items

Naraka Bladepoint-Manage Items
Naraka Bladepoint-Manage Items

Managing items is not quite easy and most of the players get stuck while managing the items. Replacing items is much more difficult while items of better rarities can be picked up automatically.

If you are not able to pick up the item that you want, press the tab button. It opens up the two lists – your stash on the right and the items on the floor to your left. 

If you want to replace an item, just click and drag the item from your inventory in the middle of the screen. Then click and drag the replacement from items nearby to the now empty slot.

Items in Naraka Bladepoint can be divided into four types of segments

  • Souljades: These are the green items that provide stat boosts or bonus effects when stored in your Souljade bag. Do not ignore them! Most of them do things like increase your resistance to ranged or melee attacks, boost your health and increase your damage output. Some Souljades even modify a certain weapon’s attack, so they seem to be a necessity if you would like to win by more than luck.
  • Consumable items: Place these items in the item slots. Each item has its own specialty. It’s better to have two slots for consumable items. Each slot is dedicated to armour healing, health healing, and weapon fixing items.
  • Dark Tide coins: Total number of Dark Tide Coins will be displayed below consumable item slots and in exchange for these coins you can buy the items at the shops scattered around the map.
  • Weapon slots: You can find the weapon slots below the coins. You can place up to four extra weapons in addition to the two equipped weapon slots.

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Naraka Bladepoint Weapon, Combo, and Clashes

Weapon: Learn each weapon’s basic combo so that you can disarm your opponent on a temporary basis. At the time when you are attacking an enemy and your opponent is looking for the focus attack, use the crouch button after the second attack to cancel your combo. You can also nullify the focus attack by dashing, or crouching mid-charge.

Until you got a teammate or ranged support, it’s nice to be equipped with a ranged weapon. Bows, crossbows, muskets, pistols, and cannons are the best range weapon to use.

Naraka Bladepoint Weapon, Combo, and Clashes
Naraka Bladepoint Weapon, Combo, and Clashes

Combo: After initiating a common attack, you can execute the combos. Combos are listed in the Narakapedia & at most involve 3 clicks. For example, left click, left click, right-click.

Focus attacks: Few combos finish with an attack that makes your character glow blue. You’ll be able to additionally blue attacks by holding down the right or left button to charge the attacks and then releasing them. These attacks are focus attacks but are usually referred to as blue attacks. Common attacks can’t interrupt the blue attacks.

Clashes: If two players throw the same level of attack at each other and at the same time, the attack will be canceled. Because their weapons will strike with each other, losing durability and doing minimum damage. 


As the game, Naraka: Bladepoint is based on timing and skill, players use common tier weapons to demolish players who are brandishing legendary tier weapons. For beginners, the best option would be to spend money on stacking armor.

Choose Right Naraka Bladepoint Character

Choose Right Naraka Bladepoint Character
Choose Right Naraka Bladepoint Character

In the game, there are different characters for players to try and experiment with. Each character has unique abilities and flair. In the starting, you should try multiple characters, and after that select the character which is most suitable to you.

After finding a suitable character, use this character as the main hero and play as many matches as possible. Some characters are more good at healing their party member, while others are focused more on inflicting damage. So select the hero wisely.

Game Progression

Game Progression-Talent Bar
Game Progression-Talent Bar

The game is full of progress bars. There are two progress bars to which you need to pay attention. These are as follows:-

  • Cultivation  Bar: You can find the cultivation bar in the Heroes menu. By unlocking the first tier for one of the characters, players can also unlock the option to customise their character’s special ability.
  • Talent Bar: Unlock and equip glyphs that give you bonuses like increased grapple range. You’ll get more slots as you level up in the game. Buy new glyphs or upgrade them by spending the Tae Currency which is earned by playing the game  

Morus’ Blessing 

Naraka Bladepoint Morus' Blessing 
Morus’ Blessing 

As the game progress in Naraka Bladepoint, the special chest will appear on the map. These chests are called Morus Blessing and they provide free items if you can track them down. Morus Blessing provides high-tier items and has special characteristics, so players should spend some time tracking the items.

You can even find some of the best weapons like Bloodrippers in Naraka Bladepoint. But be careful of other enemies who are also looking for the same treasure.


Parrying is important in Naraka: Bladepoint as in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. For example, When you see your opponent is about to charge at you and the enemy has a blue aura, you should initiate the Parry stance.

Players need a  bit of time to get habitual of counterattack, but once you get used to it will help you in winning against other players. Always you cant rely on parrying all the time, as it will make their moves quite predictable for the opponent. Players must find their unique style to deal with each opponent effectively.

Spot Enemies With Grappling Hooks

Spot Enemies With Grappling Hooks
Spot Enemies With Grappling Hooks

It’s difficult to see some enemy players, but you can easily spot them with the help of Grappling Hooks. It pops a red target above the enemy’s head as long as the reticule is near its position.

Temporarily stun the enemy by hitting the enemy with a grappling hook shot. The left mouse button is a flurry of horizontal swings. If you’re above the opponent though, the right mouse button is a vertical slice that can do more damage but is harder to hit.

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Watch Tutorial

Players must watch the tutorial before starting the game. Though watching tutorial consumes time. Naraka: Bladepoint will be difficult to play especially for beginners. It will be better for players to give time for watching tutorials and understand the fundamentals of the game.

Before jumping into the main game it’s good to experiment with different weapons & explore parkour-style movement. The tutorial will also show you how to use certain items. By watching the tutorial for sure you will get an idea of how to perform in the game. 


In this article, we are covering all the essential tips and tricks that you need to know to play the game. By following our guide, you’ll know about the important tips regarding the Naraka game. Comment below and stay in touch for more updates!

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