Naraka Bladepoint Characters, Skills, and Abilities

Naraka Bladepoint Characters

Naraka: Bladepoint provides players with a wide range of actors characters from which to choose,  each with their own set of weapons and abilities, and no two characters ever play in the same way. You can change Naraka bladepoint outfits via character customization.

The Naraka Bladepoint characters are the game’s core and the crucial role behind each match. But that’s not all. Each hero has a unique skill and an ultimate attack. Each of them has two variations that might have a significant impact on your hero’s battle performance.

In this Naraka bladepoint characters guide, we’ll examine all of the characters that are currently accessible, skills for characters, and ultimate for each character. This game features an intriguing cast of characters with incredible powers and weapons to employ in the action Battle Royale genre.

Naraka Character Skills And Abilities

To get started here’s all you need to know about all of the Naraka bladepoint characters including their F skills and ultimate


Matari-Skills And Ultimates

Matari is a Naraka bladepoint best character who has mastered a long-forgotten old art. She’s passionate about the wind, therefore you can teleport with her Silent Flutter F skill. Her ultimate ability – Unseen Wings, allows you to be invisible when stationary and transparent when moving. This stealth mode will benefit not just the player, but also close teammates.


Rapid Flash, Silent Flutter, and Retrace Flash are Matari’s skills. To obtain Rapid Flash and Retrace Flash, you must first complete Cultivation stage reward 1.

Matari has one-of-a-kind assassination skills. She can teleport a set distance in a defined direction whether on the ground or in the air. She can no longer be charged up during Silent Flutter Rapid Flash, but she can gain up to two charges instead. Storage time is 25 seconds.

Ultimate for Matari

Unseen Wings, Assassin, and Group Stealth are Matari’s ultimates. To obtain Assassin and Group Stealth, you must reach Cultivation stage reward 2.

While playing in trios: In our opinion, The best ultimate skill is Group Stealth

While playing alone: In our opinion, The finest ultimate for Matari is Assassin.

Group Stealth

  • Matari’s one-of-a-kind ultimate. She goes into stealth after casting. Silent Flutter cooldown is refreshed, and the Silent Flutter cooldown or storage duration is considerably reduced.
  • She appears as an outline while moving, and she is nearly invisible while still. All teammates within a set radius gain the Stealth stat, which lasts 12 seconds.


  • Increases the amount of damage inflicted while in unique states like wall-running, climbing trees, and so on. This ability lasts 15 seconds.

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Tsuchimikado Kurumi

Tsuchimikado Kurumi: Skills And Abilities

Tsuchimikado Kurumi is a descendant of the Onmyoji masters, and her ambition is to perfect her Onmyodo skills. Her F skill Ward allows you and a team member to get healed, making her an excellent support character. Her ultimate ability is Sacred Circle, which will create a 15-second healing zone.

Given the importance of squad gameplay in Naraka: Bladepoint, you’ll want to include a supporting character in your team. The healing skill of Kurumi Naraka bladepoint, make her natural-born support, and she’ll be a must-have in all squads to ensure match longevity.


Kurumi begins to heal herself as well as a teammate. Kurumi is unable to attack when in the healing stage. During this stage, left-clicking will teleport her to her target comrades, as well as send close adversaries flying to make room. You can also use your right-click to rapidly cure yourself and your teammate while also breaking the relationship. The healing connection is active for 30 seconds.

  • Resurrection: Kurumi can use Resurrection to reconnect with knocked-out adversaries. Kurumi will be able to resuscitate them after she is bonded, as the name implies.
  • Dual Heal: Kurumi may use Dual Healing to heal both herself and a specific teammate.

Ultimate: Sacred Circle

Upon casting Sacred Circle, Kurumi will place down a healing circle that gets rid of all debuffs once every second for 15 seconds.

  • Armor Enhance: Instead of health, Sacred Circle regenerates armor
  • Rapid Healing: Sacred Circle instantly heals all teammates when used.


Naraka Character Temulch: Skills And Abilities

It’s all about summoning in Temulch. His F talent Zephyr Wind summons three wisp wards that create a whirlwind effect and can be used to stop non-explosive missiles. Zephyr Prison is the ultimate since it will build a wind barrier around him, pushing adversaries back and blocking strikes. If an adversary tries to enter it, they will be slowed, but if they are Temulch, they will not be slowed.

Temulch is one of Naraka: Bladepoint’s more spiritual characters. Temulch is on a quest for greatness, guided by his ancestral legends, and he will not allow anyone who attempts to deter him.

Skill: Zephyr Wind

Temulch will leap into the air and summon three wisps at the same time when he uses Zephyr Wind. A non-explosive projectile will be able to be blocked by each of these wisps.

You can also launch these wisps by pressing G, and they will Whirlwind any opponents they come across. Whirlwind’s duration is determined by the number of wisps accessible at the time of impact.

  • Tracking: This effect allows launched wisps to track your enemy automatically.
  • Assault Wisps: Wisps will have the ability to pass through opponents and bounce off surfaces. These wisps will move back toward adversaries after bouncing off an obstacle.

Ultimate: Zephyr Prison

Temulch will leap forward while generating a 15-second barrier around him, similar to his previous ability. Temulch will slightly knock back adjacent adversaries during this time, and the barrier will be able to prevent all ranged attacks.

  • Enchanted: While in the Zephyr Prison, Enchanted improves Temulch’s Energy recovery rate. The time spent in prison is cut in half, to 12 seconds.
  • Summon: Zephyr Wisps will be formed when you pass over the barrier, and they will last for 12 seconds.


Naraka Character Tianhai: Skills And Abilities

Tianhai is determined to save the world at all costs. He’s a monk with the ability to shift into a merciless warrior, after an attack on titan character skills. You can defend against ranged projectile assaults with his The Divine Bell F talent. He can also withstand physical strikes, however, it has a somewhat long cooldown. Titan’s Call, his ultimate, transforms him into a massive Vajira, a powerful creature similar to the Hulk. Enemies should be wary of him since he can grab and smash them like no one’s business.

Each character has a different goal in mind, and Tianhai is on a mission to preserve the planet. Tianhai, on the other hand, has no bounds, as he is willing to sacrifice his own life if it means the world is rescued.

Attack on titan wings of freedom character skills isn’t particularly deep, but it’s exhilarating in short bursts thanks to its fantastic mobility system and presentation. Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom, the next release from the famed Dynasty Warriors developer, is incredibly intriguing in moderation. 

Skill: The Divine Bell

When Tianhai is attacked, the Divine bell permits him to resist physical blows while also reflecting ranged bullets. Projectiles that are reflected are returned to their casters.

  • Counter: Blue Focus attackers will be disarmed, but Tianhai will be unable to activate the Divine Bell while under attack.
  • Blast: Tianhai can use Blast to send foes flying around him. Tianhai, like Counter, will be unable to utilize The Divine Bell while under attack.

Ultimate: Titan’s Call

Tianhai transforms into a Vajra after casting Titan’s Call. Due to the size of the Vajra form, this ability can only be employed in wide locations.

You can use your left clicks to seize foes while Tianhai is in his Vajra condition. If you don’t have any foes in your grasp, pressing F will allow you to smash them, or it will allow you to conduct a ground stomp.

As a Varja, your maximum Energy will be determined by the number of participants in the game mode you’re playing.

Tianhai’s Vajra form lasts for 40 seconds, and you can terminate it at any point by pressing V.

  • Guard: Guard allows you to grab teammates, which will gradually replenish their health and armor. The Vajra form’s duration is reduced to 35 minutes as a result of this.
  • When you do a stomp while holding an adversary, the second bonus effect for Titan’s Call will allow you to regenerate life. The duration of the ability will be reduced to 30 seconds as a result of this effect.

Tarka Ji

Naraka Character Tarka Ji-Skills And Abilities

Inner Fire is Tarka Ji‘s F skill, which can be used to deflect melee attacks and when combined with the Gigaflame talent, may also be used to launch a fireball that deals AoE damage. His ultimate, Blackout, causes you to be engulfed in flames, which not only pushes adversaries back but also increases your agility.

Skill: Inner Fire

Tarka Ji will enter a protective state for three seconds after casting this spell, blocking melee assaults. After a successful block, you can conduct a counterattack by using your left click.

  • Bide: You can use Bide to stop non-explosive missiles. A counterattack will be launched if you successfully block three projectiles. Depending on how many consecutive blocks you score, this counterattack will get more powerful.
  • Gigaflame: Tarka Ji will be able to employ his internal energy more offensively thanks to Gigaflame, which allows him to unleash a fireball that causes considerable damage while also knocking enemies back.

Ultimate: Blackout

Tarka Ji catches fire and extinguishes adjacent foes. When he sprints, this effect increases his agility and gives him a chance to block non-explosive projectiles. Tarka Ji can also regain his Energy faster when he is blacked out.

Blackout uses Rage and will instantly run out if you don’t have any. Manually canceling the ability is also possible.

  • Vulcan: Inner Fire’s cooldown will be removed by Vulcan, but it will begin to consume Energy. When you’re under attack, you won’t be able to cast Blackout, and it won’t regenerate Energy.
  • Frenzy: Tarka Ji’s strike power is increased by Frenzy, but his Rage is depleted faster. Tarka Ji will be able to recover Rage by causing damage to foes to make up for the expenditures.

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Viper Ning Character in Naraka Bladepoint

Viper Ning Character in Naraka Bladepoint

She is blind, yet she is an expert blade master. Viper Ning is a lethal mix of beauty and menace. She has the potential to be an all-rounder. Yushan Enigma is a particular F skill she possesses. Her foes will be forced back as a result of this, and the blast assault will also hurt them. Twilight Crimson is her ultimate. She sees all nearby opponents and stuns them for 5 seconds once activated. So, if she’s close by and activates her ultimate, her foes will be toast.

Skill: Yushan Enigma

Yushan Enigma concentrates Ning’s inner energy before blasting them out. This blast injures the opponent and causes them to fall back.

Yushan Enigma has the ability to break an enemy’s Blue Focus.

  • Lockdown: Enemies will be unable to use abilities or ultimates while under lockdown. For 15 seconds, their focus motion, on the other hand, will be uninterruptible.
  • Enfeeble: Enfeeble reduces foes’ total healing while also making their concentration moves uninterruptible for 15 seconds.

Ultimate: Twilight Crimson

While marking all nearby foes, Viper Ning is unable to attack. All foes are shocked for five seconds after the five-second channeling process.

Only foes who are already visible to you will be able to be marked.

  • Seal: Enemies will be unable to utilize their ultimates or skills throughout the channeling process, however, they will only be stunned for two seconds.
  • Unchained: During the channeling phase, Viper Ning will be free to move around, but foes will be unable to utilize their abilities or ultimates. Twilight Crimson’s stunning effect will be removed as a result.

Yoto Hime Character in Naraka Bladepoint

Yoto Hime Character in Naraka Bladepoint

Her demonic blade has the ability to turn a path into a path of death. Spirit Slash is a skill that allows you to toss blades and if you want to take it a step further, teleport towards your opponent to try for the kill. Her ultimate weapon is the Ominous Sword, which grants her a massive blade that she can swing three times. When it lands on you, you’ll take a lot of damage. Yoto Hime‘s quickness and support abilities are excellent, and in the right hands, she can be quite powerful.

Spirit Slash, Crush, and Vortex are Yoto Hime’s skills. To unlock Crush and Vortex, you must first complete the Cultivation stage reward 1.

Ominous Blade, Restore, and Combo are Yoto Hime’s tools. To obtain Restore and Combo, you must reach Cultivation stage reward 2. So, with this Naraka Bladepoint characters list, you should be able to quickly familiarise yourself with all of the heroes and jump right into the game. Try out different skills and choose your favorite character. More hints and tips can be found in our video game guidelines area.

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