Microsoft: “One Of The Biggest Mistake” to deal with Lionhead

Microsoft in an interview said that its dealing with non-functioning Lionhead Studios was one of the biggest mistakes of the company. This was said during an interview  with the creator of the new documentary ‘Power on the Xbox’ series

The 6th episode covers the long, Xbox One launch and the company priority is the gradual progression, supported by the number of studios. While evaluating the acquired studio, Sarah Bond said one of the biggest mistakes was dealing with Lionhead.

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Shannon Loftis, former Xbox Game Studios G.M said that we published Fable 1 which was a great hit. People loved that game absolutely. Because people want some more that’s why we bought Lionhead that was a good time she admitted.

The game was superb and everything was going smoothly. But when Kinect came along with Fable. And Fable will become a passion project for many players.

Kinect was put up in the year 2010 in Lionhead studio. People like it rarely. In fact, the final version of Kinect was also released. The latter of Kinect was a bad idea for the former.

Bond said in a statement that Lionshead was acquired in 2006 and shut down in 2016. In addition to that, he said that they had learned from their past mistakes.


Now we’re not repeating our same mistakes.

Phil Spencer hinted that  Lionhead’s loss influenced the way that Xbox viewed its developers. They acquire the Lionhead studio because of which they are great now.

It is helping them in what they are doing.

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It’s like the same thing as that Spencer said that they shouldn’t put them on Kinect. And they shouldn’t be forced to play Fable live. Fable Legend was the successor of Fable. The Fable Legend was content complete when Microsoft close the studio.

The present and former Microsoft figures feel Liohead was an incredible studio and the Fable series is one of my favorites. Shutting down of the studio was extremely bad. Its developer still missed it. the present and Microsoft figures.

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Loftis said that I wish  Lionhead were still a viable studio when she was wrapping her interview.

Bond said dealing with Lionhead taught us what we were supposed to do this time. Now the company is focusing on letting studios continue and doing what they’re doing with its twenty-three different acquisitions.

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