LG Announces Latest 97 Inch & 42 Inch OLED Gaming TVs

LG upgrade the features of G2,C2 ,A2 & B2 Series.

LG announced its latest series of OLED TVs at the start of 2022. For the new year, the company is adding new screen sizes both small-42 inches and big-92 inches with some additional features like multi-user profiles to the webOS software that runs on the LG TVs.

On the 5th generation of its A9 processor, LG stated that 2022 TVs will include better 4K upscaling, improved tone mapping & a greater sense of depth through foreground object enhancement.

LG  stated that a new composite fiber material is used in the construction of G2 & C2, which makes the TVs lighter. For reference, the 65-inch C2 is nearly half the weight of the C1.

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LG claims that the C series is the best-selling premium TV series priced above 1500 dollars in the U.S.

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LG-G2 Series:

Available in 97, 83,77, 65 & 55-inch screen size

The G2 comes in five screen sizes – 97-inch, 83-inch,77-inch, 65-inch & 55-inch.According to the company, G2’s Evo OLED will deliver higher peak brightness numbers than the C2 through a combination of brightness booster algorithms & better heat dissipation from the components of the TV. 

From inside LG premium TV produces a virtual 7.1.2 surround sound via the TV’s inbuilt speakers and has Gen 5 Alpha 9 processor offering a better-upscaled image.

LG-C2 Series:

Available in 83,77,65,55 & 42-inch screen sizes

The C2 series has 83-inch,77-inch,65-inch,55-inch & 42-inch screen size.It has the same Gen 5 Alpha Processor with 4 HDMI 2.1 ports. The refreshing rate is 120 Hz which is the same in G2.

LG-A2 & B2 Series:

Available in 77,65,55-inch screen size

The LG A2 and B2 come with Gen-5 Alpha 7 processor. Both of the models don’t have heatsink technology therefore the brightness is lower in these models. The LG B2 series is available in 3 screen sizes-77-inch,65-inch,55-inch with a 120 Hz Refresh rate. On the other hand, LG A2 has a 60Hz panel. It comes in four screen sizes – 77-inch, 65-inch, 55-inch, and 48-inch.

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All series come with updated features and a new webOS 22. Price and availability will be announced by the company in the coming days.

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