Latest Trends Dominating Gaming Market: Analysis 2021

We all know that by definition, a trend is a common outlook which gets popularity among a big mass of people. A trend follows fluctuations, which means it would be changed, get thrived, or diminished.

We have analyzed the latest gaming trends as per the statistics and numbers and going to give you a bit idea about the latest trends that are dominating the gaming market.

Any medium entertainment is sure to be popular. Video games are not only entertaining but also a great mood booster, brain enhancing and vastly adventurous. As far as concepts in any game are amusing and thrilling, people don’t care what plots it contains. When it comes to providing excitement, trends play a substantial part to make its name.

It is because of the trends that the game genres are in a diversified range. The whole environment of game development is witnessing shifts. Even changes are occurring faster than ever. These all scenarios are connected with the trends. From kids to adults nobody remains separate from the excitement that the games produce.

When one particular tendency in the gaming industry expands into the set up of reputation, it becomes the trend among the game designers. Today we are going to discuss in brief about trends dominating the gaming world around the globe.

The following five trends are seen in recent video games as dominating elements.

1. Battle Royale

Battle Royale
Battle Royale Games

Hundreds of players struggling in one battle to come away with the victory is what we know a game genre called battle royale. This trend must have become a gold star after games like Call of Duty, Gerena Free Fire, PUBG, Fortnite, etc. These games secured grand hits in consequence of battle royale trends.

The genre trend gets born basically from multiplayer open-world survival games. So much it seemed astonishing to the players that the wide fame accredited it beyond imagination. A real honor to bring the theory of ‘last man standing’ into the mind of video games developers goes to a Japanese movie.

Released in the year 2000, ‘Battle Royale’ actually synthesized the concept for gaming. Many games achieved record-breaking success with battle royale trends mention, including Fortnite, Counter-Strike Global, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, etc.

2. Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming
Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is what we can’t avoid a bit. After all, more than 50 percent of the world’s gaming industry, income comes from mobile gaming. There is this reason that video games developer companies are rashly following this trend. Globally, video games players are divided into three categories concerning playing mode.

Among the total users, mobile gaming is leading with 51% of total users. PC users are 23% while 26% of total consumers use consoles.

The history of mobile gaming thus isn’t very long showing up with the year 1994. A Tetris was introduced on a mobile phone called the Hagenuk MT-2000. The mobile gaming trend has become advanced with the arrival of Android phones. Nobody could predict years back that a pocket device would rule their life. Business, family, entertainment, all in one.

Millions of people download android versions of their favorite video games because they’re able to play anywhere and any time they want. Whenever their busy schedule relaxes, they want to have a quick round of games to play to feel light amidst stressful situations.

The developers just understood the demand and started to go top of it. Games such as Pokemon Go, Subway Surfers made the plays over 1000 million times.

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3. Virtual reality

Virtual reality game
Virtual reality game

Virtual Reality stands for the application of computer technology to create a simulated environment. This is what our modern video games are dominating with. By applying VR devices in the game industry, developers have become immensely popular in the market.

The users can’t but get addicted to VR experiences which makes them have controls in any part of the game by their body movements. Thus interacting in a three-dimensional environment is nothing less than something extraordinary and sizzling experience.

Game developers are making this supernatural environment that brings utmost excitement.

VR games are really fun to play and that is why the trend of VR is in high fashion. There are several games massively loaded with VR and hit the markets with their presence.

Games like The Elder Scrolls, Dota 2, Thumper, Resident Evil 7 are prominent examples showing outstanding art of Virtual Reality.

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4. Augmented reality

Augmented reality game
Augmented reality game

Augmented Reality works to generate the setup that takes us to the dead-end on the point of considering the difference between the real and virtual world. This marvelous feature of VR in the entertainment industry proves that it is going to shake the future.

Gaming markets always depend on what the playing majority will like. VR application, no doubt has made the public crazy.

With the use of AR in games, people’s interactive experience has touched new heights. They can feel real-world, fully unique, and fresh along with real-world maps and locations. Gaming companies are in high competition to mold the most outclassed AR managers in their works.

So many games have been AR masterpieces. Considering Sharks in the Park, Pokemon Go, The Walking Dead, Zombies Run, etc are highly top-rated ones.

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5. Indie gaming

indie games
indie games

Video games created by a single or small group of people are known to be indie or independent games. Basically, they don’t have the backs of big publishers and face the market independently. Frankly saying, independent video game development is the order of the day.

It is one of the most blazing trends at the moment. There is now more for Indies than ever. They are easily provided with platforms for distribution and to put up their manufacturers for sales. Google play store is the hawk, while Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Apple Store, all are in the service.

Indie developers don’t have to face the interruption of publishers, indie developers enjoy their all imaginative freedom to build up designs and format of the game. They make a good income by working on small levels. Cave Story, LIMBO, Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress are some of the exceptionally popular indie games.

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