How do you play townscaper?: Tips & More

Is townscaper your favorite game? If yes then this blog is everything you need to know about townscaper. It is a minimalistic builder game with low poly graphics. It is a game in which you can only create buildings, but you can create them as per your imagination. For example, if you want to create a lighthouse on top of a hook, you can.

Here is How do you play townscaper?” 

The townscaper gameplay does not have a clear aim or story and has been described as “more of a toy” rather than a game by developer Stålberg. Users construct an island town by placing and removing colored blocks on an island. This is not a game for everyone because of its slow gameplay and open-ended nature. Fun fact, the android version has the least amount of downloads across all the Townscaper platforms, that being 10k.

The reason townscaper android is hated is that it was an Xbox game, it is very difficult to convert an Xbox game into an android game because they decreased the data storage by over 3 GB. This transition worsened the quality of the game. The same goes for IOS. The Townscaper app is not a fun-loving game.

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Here are some Townscaper tips you must try:

townscaper gameplay
  • You need to figure out how the map works. The map is in a grid system. You are not limited to just placing structures, you can also create your own buildings on the land or in the middle of the sky.
  • To create a grassland, you need a flat, enclosed surface, it should be enclosed with a wall. You can also spawn houses in the grassland that connect.
  • To create stairs, leave 2 blocks of the area at the edge. You can also spawn pigeons and butterflies. Pigeons spawn on roofs and butterflies spawn in grasslands.
  • You can also create a lighthouse, all you need to do is place 3 blocks on top of each other. If you want to create a lighthouse on top of a crane, you can.

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There are two Townscaper tips for townscaper android mobile app :

How do you play townscaper
  • First, to create a floating island. You need to create an outline, fill in the space and then build.
  • Second, You can create up to 3 layers. Just imagine, your house is in the middle of the sky. This is one feature that is not available on Townscaper mobile.
  • The second townscaper tip is metal hooks. You can hook houses in a zig-zag pattern. It is recommended to try it once. To do that, you need to place a floating building between two foundations, leaving one square space for the hook to appear.
  • After you have placed the floating building, the hook will start to appear. This has to be the best tip of the Townscaper gameplay guide.

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This was a game released as a toy for 4-10 year-olds. But even as an adult, you will have as much fun playing this game. Because of how funny some of the features in this game can be. 

The townscaper app was the least liked thing about this game. It’s also nice to see that there is another competitor to Minecraft, aside from Fortnite. Its open-ended nature might put some people off otherwise, it is a fantastic game.

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