Funko Pop NFTs did not meet our expectations

Funko Pop NFTs, these chibi characters have been on the market for over 23 years and fans are crazy for it. However, the new Funko Pop NFTs releases were not up to expectations. If you want a recon tactical skin, too bad. You would need 600 hours of gameplay or would need to buy a 650,000$ 3D model of a boat that is not released yet.

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People’s thoughts towards this game are, “It used to be great but the NFTs are making me think they are scamming us”, “This is merely a multi-level market plan to rob us legally”, and “This is ensuring the killing of the planet.” Those were some of many that we know of.

Funko Pop NFTs

The Funko digital Pop released a few months ago, but it only gained attention after the announcement of NFT Funko Pop. This new advancement adds further tasteless irony to the play: Ross used to be a soft-spoken idol of art education, sharing his love for painting with a wide audience, embodying his painting as a path of meditation and self-cultivation.

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Why not plaster his likeness across the crassest and hollow expression of “art” as a commodity? Not to mention, the rights to Ross’ image went to his business partners instead of his family postmortem, in transgression of his wishes.

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