10 entertaining Indie Games To Enjoy in Free Time

Indie game titles are among the most enjoyed genre of games across platforms as they bring something new to the table.

The effort small-time developers put into these games without having any backing from known studios is commendable.

Many indie games do not get enough attention because of marketing budget constraints.

This leads to gamers missing out on some amazing experiences. Here is a list of 10 games all players should check out at least once.

Bird Alone

Bird Alone game
Bird Alone game

Befriend a lonely bird and embark on a journey of growth and loss while making music, drawing pictures, and writing poetry in game Bird Alone.

The conversation revolves around life, death, and the meaning of existence. A great experience for people who are looking for a confidant.

Rush Hour Rally

Rush hour game 3
Rush hour Game 3

Live the life of an outlaw rally driver who loves racing while on the way home from work every day. Learn to outrun the police in this cute indie made by Soen Games.

Rush hour Rally is an awesome way to kill time as it provides hours of fun and thrill. Wild races are waiting!


Mouse bustres Game
Mouse busters Game

Mousebusters is an adventurous game where players are responsible for wiping out the apartment’s ghosts and save the residents from the darkness.

The gameplay encompasses tapping the screen, talking to characters, and checking objects. Enjoy casual and funny horror.

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Survivor’s Guilt

survivals-guilt Image
survivals guilt game

A Japanese adventure game where players need to survive an earthquake. Aspects like communication, physical fitness, hunger, aftershocks, cold, and more come into Survivor’s Guilt play as the story advances.

Best for gamers who like a getaway, strategy, and puzzle gameplay.

The Way Home

The way home
The way home

The way home is a casual side scroll game with great difficulty and a profound background. It is basically about avoiding the obstacles of life while driving to go home.

The title offers both thrill and relaxing modes. Either drive on clear highways, race along, or survive the traffic.


Gum Slinger game
Gum Slinger game

A game that is full of amazing skill shots, crazy fun gunplay missions, and intense shootouts. A PvP experience in gumslinger where the player competes against 64 online slingers.

It features different guns to unlock, tough bosses, various environments, and rewards.

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Invasion: Neo Earth

Invasion: Neo earth
Invasion: Neo earth

A turn-based strategy quest in a sci-fi world of threatening alien invaders. Command the troops, aircraft, and tanks to strike down evil or defend from attacks.

Invasion: Neo earth enables players to customize all weapons with futuristic elements. Direct a skillful campaign against aliens.

Void Tyrant

Void tyrant Game
Void tyrant Game

Begin a deadly adventure in this well-developed game Void Tyrant that features vibrant planets, risky turn-based battles, and eccentric allies.

This roguelike deck builder encourages players to save the galaxy from quirky aliens. It has several surprises and challenging bosses.

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Shindig Game Wallpaper
shindig Game Wallpaper

An optimistic adventure set in blissful surroundings where players can be every character’s hero. The title features point-and-click style gameplay supported by an original soundtrack, great art, and a joyful voiceover. In Shindig you can chill with some light puzzle solving.


Gear Shifters
Gear Shifters

Gearshifters is a high-intensity top-down vehicle combat game that combines rogue-like elements with shoot-em-up arcade gameplay. Tune the car with stunning mods, defenses, and weaponry to battle extreme bosses. Unleash intense attacks to destroy and get paid.

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